Storage and Packing Tips

Get your possessions comfortable and settled into their new home with these handy tips!

General Tips

Pack and label cartons, room by room
Keep an inventory and record of where items are stored
Plan where you will position items, before beginning to store them
Allow for walk ways to reach items
Place large, heavy items that you can stack upon at the rear of the unit
Store items you may want close to the door, for easier retrieval
Use covers to maintain and protect your goods whilst in storage
Mattresses, sofas and beds are best covered with the plastic cover open at one end to allow moisture to escape
Pack irregular shapes in cartons wherever possible, to stack and maximise space
Place heavy items at the bottom/on the floor


Clean your furniture prior to storage, making sure to vacuum upholstered items for food crumbs. Tall items should be stored standing on their end, and toward the walls of the storage unit – this will make for a more efficient use of the space. If possible, unscrew legs from furniture items, as this will make them less fragile and easier to stack. Place a protective layer of material (for example, cardboard) underneath mattresses and other items of furniture to protect them. If possible, use heavier items (such as a fridge) to secure your furniture in place and prevent them falling over. All clothing can also be stored in vacuum packed plastic bags – making more space for your items.


Appliances should be cleaned prior to storage. Make sure to defrost fridges/freezers and inspect other appliances for remaining water, as this can cause water damage in storage. Large, heavy appliances are also useful to keep other items (such as long items of furniture) in place during storage. A deodoriser placed inside fridges or freezers can help maintain freshness and ensure that all white goods are completely empty whilst in storage. Make sure to drain water from all hoses and remove them from the water inlet fittings on the machine – tip washing machings towards the drainage pipe to remove waste water. If you’re stacking appliances, place folded cardboard or blanket on the top layer to prevent scratching. 

Dishes & Glassware

Clean glassware and crockery prior to storage. After cleaning, wrap these items in a protective layer (using tissue paper, bubble wrap, or packing paper). When placing crockery into a box, try to store them on their side and with a protective layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box. Fill the empty spaces in between items with paper or bubble wrap to prevent items moving around, and label these boxes as fragile. Finally, ensure these items are stored on a stable base and preventing stacking them too high to prevent them from falling and breaking.

Technical Devices

If a device utilises batteries, remove them prior to stage – this will help prevent any potential damage caused by battery leakage. If possible, try to return these items to their original packaging within their styrofoam inserts. If this is not possible, wrap them in bubble wrap and store in a suitably sized and good quality box. Fill all empty space in these boxes with bubble wrap or paper to prevent devices from moving around. Technical devices, particularly LCD televisions, should always be stored standing upright to prevent damage.

Machinery & Mowers

Ensure that all machinery and mowers have been entirely emptied of fuel prior to storage. If possible, machinery should also be hosed down prior to storage, with all grass removed from mowers and mower catchers. If the machinery is battery-operated, remove the battery prior to storage to ensure that no damage is caused by battery leakage. Place a layer of cardboard or old carpet under machinery during storage.

Mirrors & Fragile Items

Ensure that fragile items are thoroughly secured with well-taped bubble wrap. Try to store items such as mirrors on their edges, as this will prevent heavier items from leaning against them and causing them to crack or break. Ensure that they are clear of areas in your storage unit where heavier items are putting pressure on them, or may fall into or lean against them.

Do Not Store

Any goods that are illegal, stolen, inflammable, explosive, environmentally harmful, hazardous, perishable or that are a risk to the property of any person.
e.g.  not limited to: Chlorine, acid, paint and petrol, LPG bottles (unless purged)

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